Home Staging in Paradise Valley

dining room photoYou’re ready to sell your home.  Now what?  Your realtor will give you some specific tips about how to prep and stage your home for sale, but here are some general suggestions that you can implement quickly and easily.

Think of a model home.  Who lives there?  What is their religion, what are their favorite sports teams, what do they collect?  You don’t know based on how the model home is staged, because the model home is depersonalized of all of these things.  The goal in staging your home is to eliminate any personal items that will distract a potential buyer from seeing the features of your home.

Therefore, first do a sweep of each room in your home to remove any personal photos and religious décor or artifacts.  A potential buyer will be unable to imagine themselves in your home if they see photos of who is currently living there.  If they can’t see themselves in your home, they will subconsciously not want to make an offer to purchase your home.

Second, remove any décor or memorabilia reflecting your allegiance to any sports teams.  Such items are deeply personal and may in fact be polarizing to a potential buyer.  For example, if the potential buyer is a long-term L.A. Dodgers fan and they walk into a home peppered with San Francisco Giants paraphernalia, any feelings of distaste about their rival team may subconsciously affect how that buyer remembers that home after the showing.

Finally, consider packing away any collections or evidence of hobbies you may have in your home.  Such items are always deeply personal to the person collecting them, and again, will may it difficult for the potential buyer touring your home to picture themselves in your space.  The odds of that buyer also collecting teacups from all 50 states and thus identifying with you on that level are very, very small.

Again, your realtor will give you more specific tips based on your home, but taking the time to walk through your home and remove items that give clues as to who lives in your home and what their personal likes are, will go a long way towards staging your home in preparation for sale.

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